5 Reasons to Get a Limo Service for Airport Pickup & Drop-Off

If you have an out-of-town business trip or vacation coming up and don’t have airport transportation figured out yet, you can’t go wrong with a professional limousine service. Taking a limo to and from the airport not only offers luxurious comfort but is also a safer and more reliable alternative to taxis, rideshares, and airport shuttles.

Here’s everything you should consider when booking a limousine for upcoming travel.

5 Reasons to Hire a Limo Service for the Airport

  1. Safety

    When it comes to limousine transportation, safety is a top priority. Limo chauffeurs receive extensive training and have years of professional driving experience under their belts. Most limousine companies require their chauffeurs to undergo a thorough background check, have a spotless driving record, and have a CDL (commercial driver’s license) to operate larger vehicles.

  1. Reliability

    The beauty of hiring a professional limo service is that you can tell them when and where you need to be picked up, and a chauffeur will be there. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with a rental car or reserving various rideshares throughout your trip. You can also rest easy knowing you’ll receive the same quality service no matter what.

  1. Comfort

    Limos offer plenty of space to spread out and move around. You don’t have to cram into a back seat or share space with other passengers—unless you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues. Limos also feature comfortable seats, indoor temperature control, and premium amenities—like snacks and beverages.

  1. Affordability

    The cost of renting a limo service for airport transportation is more affordable than you might think. It may have a higher upfront cost, but the cost of multiple taxis or rideshares adds up at the end of a trip. Limo prices also don’t fluctuate based on the season, day, time of day, or location. They offer flat, transparent rates so you know what you’re paying from the beginning. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Limos offer exceptional value for the money.

  1. Privacy

    No more making small talk with taxi drivers or crowding into a subway with strangers. When you reserve a limo, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your very own ride. They offer the privacy you need to make phone calls, complete work, and even take a nap if you want to. You can put up the divider between the cab and the backseat for complete privacy.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Limo Service for Airport Transportation

  1. Choose the Right Limo

    Booking a limousine service starts with choosing the right vehicle for your transportation needs. Most limousine companies offer everything from sedans and SUVs to limo buses and stretch limos. Make sure the vehicle you choose can accommodate the number of anticipated passengers. You should also consider what amenities you want.

  1. Prices & Fees

    Set a transportation budget before browsing available vehicle options to ensure you stay within your budget and don’t overspend. Consider the additional fees—like taxes, toll charges, and surcharges—that may be added to the price of the limo itself. You can get a quote for multiple vehicle options before choosing the one you want. Whether you speak with a representative on the phone or via email, be sure to ask what’s included in the quoted amount.

  1. Experience & Customer Reviews

    Choosing a reputable limousine company with skilled chauffeurs is key to a successful limo experience. Consider recent customer reviews, both positive and negative. Take these with a grain of salt, though, because not all customers are reliable. If you can get a personal recommendation from a trusted family member, friend, or colleague, that’s often the best route to take.

  1. Chauffeur Tip

    It’s customary to tip your chauffeur 20% of the total amount you paid for the limo. Be mindful that some limousine companies include gratuity in the bill. Ultimately, the tip amount is up to your discretion. You can tip more or less depending on the quality of service provided. If your chauffeur went above and beyond, you may want to tip an additional amount to thank your driver for their exceptional service. Be sure to include the projected tip amount in your transportation budget.

  1. Contact Information

    Keep the limousine company’s contact information on hand when you travel, particularly the name and phone number of your chauffeur. If you need to contact the company or the chauffeur directly at any point during your trip, you’ll already have what you need.

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