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Are you looking to enter a lucrative field that combines hospitality, directional and driving skills? Learn more about becoming a limo driver for a great service, such as M&M Limo. We are a limo company that offers affordable and luxury limo rental services throughout Chicago, Illinois. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are about 47, 000 limo drivers nationwide in the past 10 years and you could join the ranks. There is no minimum experience required to apply for a limo driver position at M&M Limo.

Call your local DMV to make sure you meet all basic age and citizenship requirements to be a certified limo driver in your state. Requirements vary in each state but generally call for adult U.S. citizens. Illinois seeks 18-year-olds with proof of Illinois residency. M&M Limo requires Chicago limo driver applicants to be at least 25. You also might want to request a copy of your driving record while you are on the phone with the DMV. Although this is not required documentation to become a limo driver, it is important to be aware of any potential stains on your driving record that could impede the hiring process.

Complete (and pass) the commercial driver’s license (CDL) written exam. The CDL is affectionately known as a hard card, chauffeur’s permit or “hack” license. Submit the CDL application, written exam and required processing fee ($30 in Illinois) to your local DMV and you will be issued a license valid for four years. Airport limo driver applicants also need to undergo drug testing, criminal background checks and fingerprinting.

Now it is time to apply! Limo companies will be impressed that you have taken all the steps to get certification as a professional limo driver. Many limo companies (including M&M) also offer in-house training to maximize ease for new drivers.

To supplement all the paperwork and licensing requirements, applicants must demonstrate terrific hospitalitableness and excellent service orientation. Be patient and always willing to help. No one is ever seriously criticized for being too nice.

M&M Limo and its limo drivers maintain an acute awareness of directions and the surrounding Chicago area at all times. We recommend developing a strong working knowledge of the area in which you work to ensure an optimal experience for your passengers. No passenger ever wants to be asked how to get somewhere. Our limo drivers are knowledgeable about the Chicagoland area and can easily recommend the best local restaurants, sites, hotspots, leisurely activities and the best routes to take to get around.

It’s also important for future and new limo drivers to maintain an overall composure at the wheel and be courteous, especially to other drivers. When it is your job to drive, you must be early, if not timely, in all of your pickups. Customers are expecting a worry-free and timely ride to wherever they are going.

And of course, limo drivers must always be safe and conscientious of other vehicles on the road. This is where maintaining a clean driving record comes in handy. It’s important to always be your best and maintain your cool when you are on the road, especially in a professional capacity.

Learn about some of our open positions, and join our incredible team of limo drivers today.  Book your rental with the most professional limo rental company in Chicago!

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