How to Choose the Right Corporate Limousine Service

Interested in corporate limousine services in Chicago? Find how to pick the perfect transportation service for your corporation or business. At M&M Limo, we want to provide locals with the best information and tips possible before picking the right corporate limo for your specific needs.

Selecting the Best Corporate Limousine Service

When selecting the best corporate limousine services, you want to make sure that you, your executives, business partners, or coworkers travel in comfort and arrive on time. You need a professional company that can get you to scheduled conferences, board meetings, or the airport in a timely manner. 

What is a corporate limousine? 

A corporate limousine, SUV, bus, van, or car can be rented by business professionals for business trips, vacations, conferences, etc., to make traveling easy and stress-free. If you’re in a new city, you won’t have to worry about getting lost if you have a chauffeur navigating your way. 

Key Factors to Consider in Choosing Corporate Limousine Services

Keep in mind these key factors when deciding what corporate limo services you need: 

  • Your party size
  • The timeframe of when you need transportation
  • Where you are going 
  • Whether you’re driving or need someone to drive you

Knowing these factors will help you when you go to schedule a corporate limo service. Contact a specialist to book a limo for your corporate meeting or event.

Corporate Limo Service Selections

At M&M Limo, we offer different styles of limousines and car rentals for your business or corporate needs. Some of the most popular rentals include:


Luxury Deans & SUVs   

Executive Buses

Sprinter Vans

  • Up to 4 passengers 
  • 2019 or newer 
  • Adjust climate and radio settings       
  • Rear cargo storage 
  • USB port/power outlet
  • Up to 14 passengers 
  • 2019 or newer 
  • AM/FM/CD 
  • Power outlet 
  • Large rear cargo area       
  • Up to 14 passengers 
  • 2019 or newer 
  • AM/FM/CD 
  • Power outlet 
  • Large rear cargo area

The 3 Important Things You Need To Know When Picking the Perfect Corporate Limo Service:

1. You’re either the driver, or you need a chauffeur.

Sometimes with limo services, it can be confusing to know the difference between a driver and a chauffeur. A chauffeur is a skilled professional that you hire to drive you and your business partners around. You would be considered the “driver” since you are the person who rented the car or limo—and you will be driving it. If you’re interested in a chauffeur, make sure you make that clear when you book a service.

2. Stay prompt and on time with a reliable transportation company.

Time is money, and money is the goal when you’re on the clock. When you’re booking a corporate limo service, picking a company that is consistent and on time is crucial. M&M Limo shows up early to exceed the expectations of your clients and business partners, creating an ever-lasting first impression.

3. Read customer reviews to pick the best corporate limo.  

You can get a lot of valuable information about a company and its transportation services by checking their reviews online. At M&M Limo, we take pride in providing top-tier hospitality. See what some of our recent happy customers are saying:    

“I have used M&M for several trips to and from the airports.  I have always received professional and courteous service when making reservations.  The drivers are always on time (or a bit early) and are courteous and personable.  I know that I can trust them to provide the exact service I need!” – Bradley Lipman, February 2024

“We had a great experience. Our driver arrived early for our appointment. We were running a little late; she was very patient and made all the additional unexpected stops. The limousine was clean and smelled great. I would use them again.” – Vicky Michel, January 2024

Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Limo Service

  1. Explore all your options and price match—M&M has many corporate transport options for you and your business. 
  2. Make sure you pick a car or limo that can fit everyone.
  3. If you are on your phone a lot or need to charge a laptop, make sure you pick a car with the correct connections available. 

Book Your Corporate Limousine at M&M Limo

At M&M Limo, we offer affordable and luxury corporate limo and car rental services in Chicago, Illinois, and surrounding areas. From small family businesses to large corporations, we can cater our services to your specific needs. We will design a pick-up and drop-off schedule at the airport or other desired destinations that align with your work schedule, meetings, or corporate events. If you’re here on a business trip, check out our airport limo services, which offer convenient transportation to small and large Chicago airports.

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