Five Limo Etiquette Tips

Limo rides are inherently entertaining. Renting one will probably one of the best parts of your night. It’s important to remember, however, that although your driver wants you to have fun, there are certain etiquette rules to which you should adhere. Limo drivers are professionals and should be treated as such.

We’ve compiled a list of basic tips every rider should be aware of for their next trip in a limo.  

Know how many people are in your party and let the company know ASAP if this changes.

Let the limo company know how many people to expect when you make your reservation with plenty of time in advance. It helps the company decide which vehicle is the most accommodating (and therefore the safest). If the size of your party changes, alert the company as soon as possible so they can adjust and plan for the additions/subtractions from your group. Request a quote to get an estimate on how much it will be per person.

Refresh yourself on how to correctly enter and exit the limo

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often one of the most overlooked details that causes last-minute errors. Three key points to remember:

    1. Let the chauffeur open the door for you. It’s their job to offer unparalleled service, so unless it was previously agreed upon that another person at your destination will open the door, it could be taken the wrong way if you go ahead and do it yourself.
    2. Sit in the first vacant seat and swing your legs inside for a seamless entry.
    3. Slide your legs in, then scooch along the row of seats until you’ve found your designated spot.

Leave the limo as you found it

A limo may make you feel like royalty, but that doesn’t mean you have zero responsibilities. Imagine if you did a favor to your friends by driving them to a party and afterwards found your back seat filled with empty bottles/cans, food wrappers, spilled drinks, and personal items. Riding in a limo should be the same: treat it like you would treat your car. Before you leave, make sure you clean up after yourselves by making sure you leave with everything you brought, and take care of any trash you have. Your driver will appreciate it so much and they definitely won’t slap you with a cleaning fee.

Tip your driver appropriately

Typically, you should tip your limo driver 20 percent of the rental fee. Tipping etiquette for travel vehicles might say 10-15 percent will do, but given that a limo is most likely for a special occasion, the extra 5 percent will go a long way (especially if you had some rowdy guests). However, if you have just cause to be dissatisfied with the service you received, use your best judgment.

Keep your party tame

There is such a thing as too much fun. Part of respecting your driver is respecting yourself and others around you. Smoking is an obvious “no,” but also remember to get your alcohol approved by the limo company. Coarse language should never used when conversing with your driver, no matter how much you’ve had to drink. You are not the only ones who need to feel safe in the limo; if your driver feels threatened by your language or hard partying, it could cause an abrupt halt to your party.

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