How Much to Tip a Driver for Limo Services

Deciding how much to tip a limo driver can be stressful. You don’t want to look like a cheapskate, but you also don’t want to overpay for the services provided. So how much should you tip a limo driver? The answer: it depends. Factors including vehicle type, trip length, and bill total determine how much to tip a limo driver. 

Check out the guide below for specific tips about leaving a tip for your limo driver.

The Importance of Tipping for a Car Service

Tipping is a way to thank your limo driver for the time and effort they put into providing a seamless transportation experience. If you’re struggling to determine how much to tip for a limo driver, always err on the side of generosity. It’s better to overpay than to underpay when it comes to the customer service industry. You’re already paying to hire a limo service. Don’t be stingy when it comes to tipping.

5 Tips for Tipping Your Limo Driver

Need help deciding how much to tip your limo driver? These five tips should help you.

Tipping by the Car Size

Large vehicles warrant a larger tip. While a 10% or 15% tip may be sufficient for a sedan ride, you’ll want to tip closer to 20% for trips taken in a classic stretch limo or a limo bus.

Tipping by the Duration of the Trip

Longer trips call for bigger tips. You should tip at least 10% for limo trips of any length. Tip more based on the duration and quality of service.

Tipping by Rental Rates

Since tips are calculated based on your final bill amount, higher vehicle rental rates will come with higher tips. You also have to factor in how the limo driver is paid.

  • Hourly: If your limo driver is paid hourly, the tip won’t be included in the total. You must calculate the tip yourself.
  • Fixed Rate: If your limo driver is paid a fixed rate for the entire evening, the tip may be included in the total. While you’re not expected to add more to that amount, you can do so at your discretion.

Tipping for the Trip Experience

If your limo experience was lacking, don’t feel obligated to tip more than the baseline 10%. However, if your limo driver met or exceeded expectations, thank them appropriately with a 15% or 20% tip.

Tipping for Extra Services Provided

Much of a limo driver’s efforts outside of driving go unnoticed by the client and, often, unpaid by their company. Additional services that many limo drivers provide include:

  • Preparing the vehicle for the client
  • Waiting multiple hours while the client attends an event
  • Cleaning the vehicle after a trip

Worry-Free Tipping With M&M Limo 

If your limo driver goes above and beyond by offering these services, they deserve to be thanked with a higher tip. Fortunately, M&M Limo includes 20% gratuity into their total price, which makes enjoying premier limousine service easier than ever.

Chicago’s Premier Limousine Service

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