Have a Limo Take You Out to the Ball Game

Baseball season is officially in full swing! Here in Chicago, we’re divided between Cubs and Sox fans, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: driving to the games is a hassle.

Why not make it fun? Taking a limo may not have been your first thought, but here are some reasons you should definitely consider letting M&M Limousine Services take the wheel.

You Don’t Have to Drive

As if not driving wasn’t enough to sweeten the deal… Especially if you’re taking a group of friends, clients, or out-of-towners to the game, it’s nice to have the security of a driver knowing where he/she is going. Driving separately sometimes means that people are leaving and arriving at different times, adding more group texts and coordination to corral stragglers. Why not get the group together and start the party earlier?

Pregame the Game

PSA: you can drink in a limo! You can alleviate spending money on overpriced drinks at the stadium by drinking your favorites in the safety of a limo beforehand. This is particularly appealing for a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, or work outing. Starting the party earlier is also just plain fun, and there’s a certain prestige that comes with you and your best buds rolling up in a limo.

Don’t Pay for Parking

Parking at the park is very expensive, and leaving the lot after the game is always a fight for survival. Many try to park elsewhere to escape the high rates, but with only so many spots available, parking becomes a lucrative opportunity to charge obscene rates. Meters and parking garages also charge hourly. Taking a limo gives you peace of mind that you’re not leaving your car with strangers and that your money is being well spent. With M&M’s set rates, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and be able to effectively plan ahead for the day.

You Have an Escort to the After Party

A major part of going to the game is the party after the game. M&M Limousine operates 24/7 so that no matter when you’re going, you get there when you want to in style. No need to fit everyone in an Uber (if you can find it among the masses of similarly-looking cars); your group can stick together throughout the whole night. It’s not all fun and games either: having an automatic DD is probably the best decision you could make for the safety of you and your friends.

Request a quote today and let M&M Limousine Services help you win game day!

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