5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Limousine for Your Wedding Day

When you’re planning for your wedding, the list of things you need to prepare never seems to end. On that list, you might find that you need transportation to get you to and for your reception, ceremony, or any other venue you have planned for your big day. At M&M Limo, we want to help you choose the best kind of limo service for your big day—let’s dive into the five most important tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect limousine for your wedding day.  

Why Do I Need a Limo Service for My Wedding?

When arriving at your wedding, you could ride in a carriage like Cinderella, or roll up in a Mercedes Sprinter Limo like a boss. You don’t need a limo service for your wedding, just like you don’t need flowers, a cake, or party guests—it’s something every bride and groom wants. Little additions like a limo service at your wedding can add sophistication and style and be one of the cheapest expenses you can make in the wedding planning process. If you want, or need, to show up like it’s your day—then you need a limo service for your wedding

The 5 Important Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning and scheduling a limo service specifically for your wedding: 

1. Consider Your Wedding Theme and Style

The theme and style of your wedding will determine a lot about what kind of transportation service works best. As mentioned before, there are so many ways you can show up to your wedding, like a horse driven carriage, and could be perfect for a garden wedding or an outdoor country wedding. But a limo service is perfect for modern weddings that want a clean, sleek look, maybe at a church or cathedral. 

2. Determine Your Transportation Needs

Our wedding transportation services are able to accommodate any size celebration with a wide variety of chauffeur-driven vehicles, such as party buses, sedans, cars, and SUVs. Not only should you consider the transportation needs of you (the bride and groom) and the party guests. Sometimes weddings have receptions and ceremonies that are far from each other—you can transport your guests all at once with a 50+ seater party bus limo service. 

3. Pick Your Amenities and Features

The amenities and features of a limo are also going to determine which limo is best for what you want. 

Sedan & Car Rental Services

Our sedan and SUV limo options can accommodate up to 4 passengers and offers amenities including:

  • Power panoramic all-glass roofs
  • Rear-seat audio controls
  • USB ports and power outlets
  • Complimentary bottled water

Party Bus Rental Services

If you want to be able to transport all your guests at once, or just add some fun and entertainment to your wedding, then consider a party bus rental service. Our catalog of limo and party buses can accommodate up to 56 guests and offers amenities including:

  • Reclining seats
  • Television and radio
  • Wi-Fi (on request)
  • Bluetooth-compatible sound system
  • Fiber optic mood lighting
  • Laser and strobe lights
  • Service bar with insulated coolers
  • Complimentary ice and bottled water

4. Research Local Limo Companies

When you’re spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on entertainment, food, venues, and more, it’s crucial that you spend some time researching the best-priced limo companies. Along with researching pricing—it’s important to check the reviews and reputations of your local limo companies to make sure you get what you’re expecting. 

5. Book and Confirm Early

The booking and confirmation process is the last, and most important step in choosing a limo service for your wedding. Depending on your plans and budget, make sure that whoever is organizing the wedding, such as a wedding planner, coordinates with the limo company and chauffeur driver. Timing is key at weddings, and you want to make sure your ride is there on time. 

Make a Grand Entrance With M&M Limo

At M&M Limo, we want your wedding to be magical—let us help you get there with a luxury limo. Choose from our selection of the finest Limo SUVs, full-service party busses, Mercedes Limos, and more. Our professional chauffeurs and immaculately maintained vehicles guarantee a safe, luxurious, and unforgettable experience for your once in a lifetime event. Make sure you book a limo service at least 3-4 weeks before your special day, call one of our expert representatives at M&M Limo today.

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