10 Must-Have Features for a Luxury Limo This Holiday Season

Are you looking to make your holiday season unforgettable? Book an evening in a luxury limousine to celebrate the holidays, whether you want a special night of taking in holiday lights or looking to bring your NYE party to a new level.

What are Common Luxury Features in a Limo?

Limos are the epitome of comfort and luxury. They are full of features that are meant to make your experience inside memorable.


Most limousines are decked out with a flat-screen TV and high-tech video systems with a connection to the internet. This enables you to watch all of your holiday favorite movies or TV shows to keep your ride festive.

Surround Sound

Modern limos boast a top-quality audio system with amplifiers and the best speakers. You’ll be able to enjoy cheery holiday music throughout the entire vehicle with surround sound.

Comfortable Leather Seats

To ensure that your ride is as comfortable as possible, most limousines provide soft and spacious leather seating. There’s an abundance of legroom and seats to accommodate a larger group of people, guaranteeing that everyone can enjoy the ride comfortably, no matter how long it is.


Limousines are known for their privacy, a much sought-after benefit. You will be separated from your driver and your windows will be tinted to guarantee that you have the utmost privacy for your holiday party. You can feel free to be as merry as you like without any prying eyes.

Climate Control

Limos have a climate-controlled system to regulate the temperature inside. No matter how snowy or cold it is outside, you’ll be able to stay cozy and warm throughout your journey.

Trained Chauffeurs

In a limo, you don’t need to worry about directions, traffic, or any other burdens that usually accompany transportation. This is because all limousines have a trained, experienced, and professional chauffeur to transport you safely and efficiently from one point to another.

Top Safety Features

Limousines include top-tier safety features like pre-collision brakes and fitted seat builts.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Limo Experience

There are so many ways to utilize a limo in your holiday celebrations. A popular way to make the most of your limo experience for this season is to take a tour of holiday lights. There’s nothing like enjoying the beautiful light displays while traveling in peak luxury and comfort.

Limos are also an excellent choice to elevate your New Year’s Eve celebration. Travel in style and comfort as you bar hop, make an unforgettable entrance to a party, or make your journey to any of your destinations special.

Luxury Limo Must-Haves For the Holidays

There are certain limo features that can make your holiday ride even more special.


Find a limo that has refreshments ready for you. There are many that have alcoholic beverages available on request, taking a New Year celebration to another level. Or, if you are on a family adventure, bring your own hot chocolate to enjoy while you take in the lights.

Fiber Optic Mood Lighting

Whether you’re out on a crazy night for the New Year or a cozy tour of holiday lights, adjusting the mood lighting in the limousine can make your ride even more memorable.

Blue-Tooth Compatible Sound System

Connect the limo to your Bluetooth so you can blast your favorite holiday music or party songs, depending on your vibe.

Laser Lights & Strobe Lights

Laser and strobe lights are a great addition to a New Year’s celebration.

Don’t Miss Out on These Luxury Limo Features

M&M Limousine is the premier limo rental and transportation company in Chicago and we are here to make your holiday season special. Enjoy the benefits of all of our luxury features to create a truly unforgettable night. Our scheduling is stress-free, and we are available to take reservations 24/7.

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