Party Bus vs. Limo: Which is Best For Your Big Event?

Planning a special event can be both exciting and a little overwhelming, with so many decisions that need to be made. Fortunately, one of the easiest choices is deciding to rent a luxury vehicle to make your event one that you will never forget.

But which luxury vehicle should you choose to suit your specific needs? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of limousines and party buses and how to choose which one is best for your special event.

Pros and Cons of a Limo vs. a Party Bus

The Best of Limos


Limos are well-known for having tinted windows, which allow the passengers to see outside without letting anyone from the outside look in. Along with this layer of privacy, limos also have the passenger section of the limo separated from the driver’s section so that you can be in your own world in the back without disturbances.

First Impressions

It’s no secret that limos ooze luxury. Arriving in a limo creates an unforgettable first impression that sets you apart from the rest. You can show off how classy you are without even having to step a foot out of the vehicle. Whether you’re arriving for an event or impressing a client, you’re sure to leave an exceptional impression.


Limos offer a cozy and intimate setting. The average mid-sized limo can typically seat about 10 people, which is just enough to accommodate everyone in your party without the vehicle feeling crowded or impersonal. Smaller limo options are also available if you’re looking for an intimate night out with someone special.


Though the limo experience is more expensive than driving your own car, it is still one of the more affordable options when it comes to being chauffeured. The price tag of a limo includes the added style and glamor of the experience, as well as amenities in the vehicle, added comfort, and an expert driver who not only navigates traffic but also coordinates all of your stops.

The Best of Party Buses


Limos do have a more cost-effective price, but party buses offer a very different experience to justify the added cost. The size of party buses is much larger, so they can fit more than twice the amount of people than a limo can. When considering the cost per person, money can be saved with a party bus depending on the size of your party.


Party buses have added amenities that many limos don’t possess in order to create a more party-like atmosphere. These amenities could include strobe lights and other mood lighting, as well as a more expansive bar selection and coolers.

More Space

Party buses can seat a massive amount of people for the party of your dreams. You can find a party bus for a group of twenty or one that can handle a group of 40, depending on your needs. No matter the size of your group, there will be a party bus suited to your special event.


The mood of a party bus can be both a benefit and a drawback. A party bus gives off a relaxed atmosphere that is best for, as the name suggests, parties. However, if your event is more formal or serious, the party bus may not be the best option.

Make the Right Choice for Your Event

Both a limo and a party bus can be an excellent option for your special event. However, there are some factors to consider that can help you decide which one is right for you.

Consider your party’s size. If it’s on the larger side with around 20-40 people, a party bus will be the better option due to its extra room. No one wants their event to be ruined by being too crowded.

Another factor to think about is what vibe you want your event to have. If you’d rather have a more formal, intimate experience that is all about class, then the limo is a better choice. If you’re looking to have a relaxed, party atmosphere, then the party bus is right for you.

Make Your Event Unforgettable With M&M Limousine

M&M Limousine Services is the premier limo rental and transportation company in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We know just how important your special event is and guarantee that you will have a luxurious, memorable experience, whether you choose to enjoy one of our party buses or limousines. Our scheduling is stress-free, and we are available to take reservations 24/7.


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