Network After Work invites you to take the night off and attend Network After Work on February 11 from 6PM to 9PM at John Barleycorn. Set aside an evening of work and allow yourself the chance to mingle with other members of your industry.

Over 400 professionals from various industries and career levels will be present allowing you the unique possibility to make connections and develop business relationships.

M&M Limousine Services will gladly get you to the event; all you have to do is enjoy yourself and a night away from the paperwork. You may even wish to invite your colleagues along and rent a car for the evening. M&M Limousine Services will work with you to accommodate your needs for the evening and provide you with a leisurely experience.

Your designated chauffeur for the evening will schedule you to arrive at John Barleycorn promptly before 7PM as guests will receive free drinks and light appetizers to begin the evening.

A mid-week night out of networking with transportation by M&M Limousine Services may be the fuel you need to tackle the remainder of the workweek and the hurdles that may be standing in the way of success.

Visit for more information on Network After Work or to reserve your ticket today.

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