Top 5 Reasons to Take a Limo on Your Birthday

It’s your birthday! What are you going to do? How are you going to make it different this year? Check out the top five reasons for you to get a limo on your birthday to make the entire day memorable!

You can drink in a limo.

Nothing stops the party like a 30-minute car ride to the next location. Just when you and your friends are starting to have fun, it’s time to go to the next place. Don’t let that stop you from continuing the party! If you have a limo service for the night, you can grab your friends and seamlessly transition from one place to the next, keeping the party going the whole time. Some people have asked about the legality of drinking in a limo. It is fully legal because the back of the limo, where the passengers sit, is fully separated from the driver.

You can act like you’re famous.

Who doesn’t want to be like Taylor Swift or Denzel Washington for a night? Your birthday is the one day of the year that you have every excuse to live it up! There are numerous locations and events to attend at which you would look like a star stepping out of a limo. Go see a live production at the theater. Go to a fancy restaurant, and hop back in the limo to get dessert afterward. Feeling more adventurous? Go to the most popular nightclub or even on a scavenger hunt around the city!

You can travel with friends.

Think about having a full day with nothing but friends and fun. Ladies — how wonderful would it be to go to brunch, the spa, and then out for dinner and cocktails for your birthday? These kinds of days are so difficult to coordinate because most people don’t want to think about an entire day of travel. When you book a limo, you can invite everyone to travel with you!

You can stretch out your legs.

On an occasion like your birthday, you are most likely dressed to impress. Nothing is worse than having your hair just right, your clothes just right, your shoes just right, and then squeezing into a tiny car and messing it all up. Arrive at your party looking as good as when you first stepped into your outfit.

You can make a lasting memory.

Stop doing the same thing every year for your birthday! The photos get stale, and you and your friends don’t have as much fun when you repeat the same activities every year. This year, surprise your friends on your birthday! If you want to make it fun, plan out the day/night with your friends, but wait until the day of your birthday to tell them you’re all taking a limo together! That is something they will never forget… and neither will you!

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